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Kevin Smith,our Festival organizer & Ruskin House treasurer

is taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle Race on the 11th September.

 He is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and would appreciate any support people are able to give.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so on




Friday 19 August 2022

Don Stuart Jazz Quartet

A relaxed evening of jazz standards

Latin,ballads & be-bopon guitar, bass drums & an array of wind instruments

                                            from 8pm      Admission free      Club opens 7pm



 Sunday 21 August 2022



The Coyles



 For further information click here 


Floor singers & musicians welcome


Club Nights

Admission Only 3

Sunday from 8pm

All welcome  


Sunday  21 August 2022

The Coyles & Singers Night

Floor singers & musicians welcome


Sunday  28 August 2022

Dave Marshall & Singers Night

Floor singers & musicians welcome


Sunday  4 September 2022

Four Gone Confusion

 & Singers Night

Floor singers & musicians welcome


Sunday  11 September 2022

Bruin's Ruin  & Singers Night

Floor singers & musicians welcome



Sunday  18 September 2022

Andy Smythe & Singers Night

Floor singers & musicians welcome




Croydon Folk Club

 meets at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1BD at 8pm on Mondays.     

Closed until September 5th

Further  info  www.croydonfolkclub.org.uk

Contact us    Jenny or Brian on:   

            020 8660 5919  or 0770 3210795   

      email: croydonfolkclub@aol.com                


 St Patrick's Night 2022

 was held on Thursday 17 March 2022


 The Small Aces    Eddie Green

Doug Field       The Three G's     George Lloyd

  Luke & Megan


Paddy Gallery HERE



The Croydon Folk and Blues Club meets every Sunday evening from 8:00 at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon, Surrey (see how to find us)Everyone is welcome - not just musicians, and those of all abilities are encouraged to "have a go" if they want to - it doesn't have to be folk OR blues either! Originals or covers are all welcome. The music starts around 8:30 with the regular sessions. An hour later there is usually a 'hotspot' which features a special guest. After the hotspot it's back to the regular session and the evening usually ends featuring club organiser Garry Davis and his harmonica with other musicians and singers. It is a very friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere and only costs 2, which also enters you into the fabulous end-of-evening prize draw. Real ale and a wide range of drinks are also available from the main bar till 10:45. Ruskin House also hosts Croydon Folk Song Club on Mondays.

If you would like to play at Ruskin House on a Sunday, prepare about five numbers and make yourself known to Garry when you arrive. If it's busy and you're at the end of the line, you may not get on till late. We don't generally use amplification, even for vocals, because unless you're using a keyboard or MIDI device, electric bass or guitar, we find that unplugged is plenty loud enough. This can be quite a challenge for those used to being miked up! The adjacent Cedar Room, which we use for large-scale events, has full PA facilities (and a bar). In the summer we often have a barbeque on the huge patio.

Contact us:
Ruskin House Bar Telephone (UK) 020 -8688-5339 

Garry Davis (club organiser) Telephone (UK) 01737-553493 



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