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Dietrich & Dave Andy Smythe Trio on 11March 2012
the Rob Family  
Darcy Dietrich
Ron Trueman-Border & the Perfect Strangers on 26th February 2012 the jam
Victoria Dietrich & Dave
Feuding Lloyds Willie
Mark John Edwards
John & Dietrich Stuart Forester on 19 February 2012
Stuart Forester playing the Appalachian dulcimer Feuding Lloyds
Les Elvin Les Allen
Biggin Hillbillies on 12 February 2012
Rob & Tommy Feuding Lloyds
Dougie Mark on 5th February 2012
Richard George
Emerald Aces on 29 January 2012

with Ron standing in for Colin (operation on his hand) and with special guest Jenny

Biggin Hillbillies play with Richard, Don & George
Rob, Tommy & Joe Extended Feuding Lloyds
Don & George Les
Dietrich & Dave George Lloyd on 22nd January 2012
Denny Graham
Rob & George Dave King Trio on 22 January 2012
Barry, Dave & Les Just Married- Ildi & Barry
Joe Garry & Geoff
Mark Blackford - just back from Central Africa Denny
Barry, Garry, Geoff & Les Famous Last Words- Dietrich & Dave on 8th January 2012
Richard Ross
Dougie Les
Brenda, Sky & Joe Ron & the Feuding Lloyds Xmas special on 18th December 2011
George, Nigel, Ron & Richard George, Shona & Nigel
Dietrich & Dave Rob, Tommy & Joe
Ross Roberts Dave Foster
Les Bernie & Steve on 11 December 2011
Dietrich & Dave Geoff & Garry
Willie Elaine & Denny on 4th December 2011
Les Rob, Brenda & Joe
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