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This is a gallery of some of the guests and music makers who play at our club. Professionals, beginners and anybody in between are welcome to come down and interpret their favourite covers, dazzle us with skill or try out original material in a truly friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. It doesn't have to be folk or blues - you can just read a poem if you like! There's always somebody worth seeing. If you don't play or sing, just listen and see if you win the fabulous prize draw!

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John Sephton Keith
Geoff Gerge
Herbie Keith
Steve Lillywhite Tim
Anne Sumner on Sunday 26 July 2015 Garry
Dougie Jon
Sean Stefan
Dave Garry & Keith
Garry & Geoff Annie & Mark
Stefan & alex Geoff
Rob Alex
Garry, Geoff & Jim Tony
Chris Reuben
Jim Keith
Luke Paul
Billy,  Stef and baby Grandad Rob
The Hopheads on Sunday 28 June 2015 Rob & George
Scott George
Rob & Anne Keith
Anne Sumner Phil
Jim Smith & Peter Baldwin on 21 June 2015 Garry & Geoff
Reuben Luke
Stefan Denny
Ashby & Doug Field on Sunday 14 June 2015 George & Victoria
Dave Stefan
Alex Garry & George
Anne & Rob
Denny & George Willie
Alan Higgins & the Parkinson's Fundraising event on Friday 12 June 2015
Herbie Scones on Sunday 17 May 2015 Tony
Herbie with friends Rex Kelly & Rob Firminger
Stefan Sean
Tony Paul
Roger Anne & Denny
Alex & the Three Droogs - Robin , Jane & Les- on Sunday 10th May 2015


Jane & Alex George
Keith Dietrich
Herbie Don
Garry & Tony the jam
George & Victoria George, Garry & Don
Keith Garry
Tony Marco & Paul
Luke Victoria, George & Garry
Atacama- Cameron, Marco & Jose on Sunday 26th April 2015
Jose Navarro with Waykicha
Keith Paul
Herbie George
Reuben Tony
Dougie Garry
Bernie & steve Willie
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