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This is a gallery of some of the guests and music makers who play at our club. Professionals, beginners and anybody inbetween are welcome to come down and interpret their favourite covers, dazzle us with skill or try out original material in a truly friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. It doesn't have to be folk or blues - you can just read a poem if you like! There's always somebody worth seeing. If you don't play or sing, just listen and see if you win the fabulous prize draw!

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Luke, Garry & Vicky George, Matthew & Victoria
Feuding Lloyds End of evening jam
Bart Wolfe & Ron Trueman-Border in Night of the Underdog on Saturday 20 November 2010- a brilliant evening of poetry & music
Bart Wolfe Ron Trueman-Border
Ron Trueman-Border sings a song for Remembrance Sunday John Eden recites a poem
Bernie & Steve Garry & Geoff
Mix and Match
Ross Irene Goodnight
Robb family's scary guest spot on Halloween night
Victoria & George Rob & Joe
Lol Keith
Geoff, Dave & Garry at Sue's memorial concert Robb family
Alan, Matthew & Garry Butt of Lewis
Bart Wolffe Libre Fugo
Ron Trueman-Border & the Perfect Strangers Feuding Lloyds with Matthew
Cameron & Les Ben
Dougie Ross Roberts
Phil & Garry Peter Baldwin managed one song
David's debut performance Phil- the blues man on 17 October 2010
George Richard
Feuding Lloyds Luke
Sharon & Robin Vicky,  Brenda & Rob
Sky, Joe & Tommy Cameron & Les on 10 October 2010
George, Matthew & Bill Feuding Lloyds
Jim Chris
Robb family Dougie
New face at the club Denny
Friends of  Sue Wildman mourn her passing  and celebrated her life with music and poetry at her funeral on 7 October 2010
Sharon playing a lament on the flute Bart reciting a poem written for Sue
Marco, Nick and Chris who worked with Sue George, Garry, and Geoff
Stefan and Matthew Marco,  Cameron and Matthew
Luke, Garry, George and Vicky George, Matthew & Vicky
Ben Sue & Denny
Chris & Jim George, Garry Geoff & Ben
Feuding Lloyds Sharon, Ben & Robin
Sharon & Geoff Ricjard
Nathan, Lou & Sharon on the tribute night to Sue Wildman on 26 September 2010
Geoff & Garry Matthew, Alan & Robin
Butt of Lewis Cameron
Dave Forster Victoria & Jane
David & James Marie & John
Denny Carol & friends
John Eden Theresa
Mark Garry & Tina
Sue and Lou Keith's hotspot on 5th September 2010
Keith & Justin
Chris & Jim Pam, Paul & Dylan
Rob, Joe & George Feuding Lloyds
Pam with family and friend
Justin on guitar? Pam & Dylan
Sky's debut performance Rob's solo guitar spot
Keith Esmail visiting from Canada Pipe Major "Black Douglas"
Robb fami;y Ron Trueman-Border hotspot on 22August
Pam- Welcome back  from Oz Sharon
Ron , Chris & Robin Robb family
Feuding Lloyds
Dylan Richard
Robb family Jim & Chris
Victoria, Justin & Matthew Robb family and Dylan
Matthew Mark
Jim, Chris & George Robb family hotspot on 8 August 2010
Rob, Tommy & Joe Musicians are requested  to tune up prior to their performance
Another Matthew Geoff
Cameron Bernie
Rob and Denny Bernie &Cameron
Presentation to Ruskin House of the money raised at annual festival on 10 July 2010
Jean & George Feuding Lloyds
Dave Forster Garry & Luke
Robb family Ross
Denny Matthew
Rob, Billy & George Irene Goodnight
Maureen & Steve Stuart Forester's hotspot on 18th July 2010
Goodnight Irene. Irene sitting on the second left. Cameron looking up the words
Stuart Forester Garry Davis demonstrates the Tolpuddle grip
Alex - a new face Don Hurley and his Texas Toecaps
Alex and his chum John and Alan - or Anglicana, as they would have you call them
Cameron checking his contract Cameron
Dave the Post looking tanned Geoff Curnow opens up
A different Rob Robb Family at the 2010 Festival
Andy Smythe Trio with Matthew & Garry Barry, Garry, Geoff and Les
Mark Ross
Barry, Garry, Don & Luke Paul, Matthew & Alan
Robb family LibreFuego hotspot on 27 june 2010
Dave Richard
Dave The IMOM
Marco and Cameron Don
Luke and Don The Feuding Lloyds (-Camilla)
The Feuding Lloyds, Don and Cameron Barry Reeves' hot spot
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