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Geoff Curnow Garry,  Geoff & George
Feuding Lloyds Rob and Joe
Robb family Cameron (sorry but only photo of Cam on keyboard)
Denny Dave Beckett's hot spot on 6 June 2010
Justin with Dave Beckett Rob & Joe
Tommy & Billy Mark
Bernie & George Feuding Lloyds
multi talentented Justin Thomas Coffrey & Trevor Hyett hotspot on 30 May 2010
Thomas Coffrey & Trevor Hyett Stuart Forester
Lalita, Les  & Cameron Matthew Tighe & Alan Monday
Butt of Lewis and Matthew Nigel Bourne
Robb family Feuding Lloyds and Matthew
Irene Goodnight Justin Lloyd plays harmonica and violin at the same time  (hotspot 23 May 2010)
Music in the garden
Justin's Hot Spot
George Lloyd & Mark Hankins Rob family
Joe and Billy Cameron
Richard David Jan Egger
Dave Forster Garry & Luke
David Coles George Lloyd's Hot Spot  on 16 May 2010
Rob family with mum Brenda and sister Sky Richard
Geoff Denny
Geoff & Garry Ron Trueman-Border
George with Victoria, Justin and Camilla Doug Field's hotspot on 9 May 2010
Rob and family Feuding Lloyds- then there were six
Dave Jan Egger Katie Rodd
Les Elvin Smiling Knife hotspot on 25April 2010
Richard opens. So does the window behind him. Denny
Rick and George Justine of Smiling Knife
Dick Philpot Bernie Sullivan
Young people having fun - it does happen! They won the wine too. Occasional String Bamd
Sandy and his amazing didjeridu Sharon and Robin
Matthew and George Feuding Lloyds and Michael
Justin, Richard and George Frank and Mark (or Mark and Frank?)
Cameron George and Rick
Goodnight Irene Richard's hotspot on 11 april 2010
Richard & Darren Victoria and Camilla
Feuding Lloyds & Matthew Luke
Victoria, Camilla & Justin Bernie & Steve
Bernie Sullivan The Feuding Lloyds' (Camilla at Sorefingers) hot spot 4 April 2010
Justin, George & Matthew Matthew & Alan
Bernie Victoria -  Yes there was food
Tony & Lea Sue and Lou
Denny & Jane Les, Cameron & Marco
Rick and George Victoria and Camilla
Richard with sherbet dip tshirt Cameron and Marco
Feuding lloyds in cowboy mode Geoff and Garry
Bernie and Steve Tessa and Ben
Robin, Tessa, Sharon & Ben Clive & Tina
Victoria, Robin, Justin & Denny Jen & Richard
Sam's Piano from the Brit School  performing their own numbers
Matthew and George Victoria, Camilla Justin and George - The Feuding Lloyds
Les Elvin's guest spot on 7 March 2010 Butt of Lewis
Toni Alan Lester Munday
Cameron &  George Ruskin House scratch band
Dougie Neil


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